Hey Jim, I got the ’70 SS 454 yesterday.  It made the trip on the transporter just perfect.  It has been raining so I haven’t been able to get it out to drive yet, but hopefully tomorrow.  It is a beautiful car and some of my neighbors and friends can’t quit talking about it.  Thanks for your hospitality when I flew down to look at the car.  I am glad it was like you said and I think we both ended up pleased.  I definitely will refer you if any of my friends are looking for a classic car.  Thanks again.  JS, MA


Hello Mr. Lowrey:  I wanted to tell you the ’77 Corvette made it home safely.  I know you were a little concerned about driving it this far, but I had no problems at all.  It turned heads all the way home.  My buddies are “jealous”.  Thank you again for being honest about the car and I know I will enjoy it for a long time.  RT, MS


Everything has gone great on the 1970 Dodge Charger RT.  Once the transport dropped it off, we are getting it ready to ship to Sweden and the buyer in Sweden is so excited and he can’t wait to get it.  Thank you for your help in making this transaction possible.  We have other international buyers looking for all kinds of vehicles, so let’s stay in touch.  Thanks again and it was a pleasure working with you.




"I've known Jim Lowrey for almost 30 years and have always respected him as the most knowledgeable and experienced person I knew when it came to cars. Buying cars through Jim has made the process literally a breeze!  Even more important to me than his expertise is his honesty and integrity. I would recommend Jim to anyone wanting to buy or sell a car!"  MG, AL

SAAB Sonett lll

Chelsea, AL
United States

1974 Saab Sonett lll
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual
Exterior Color
Interior Color

1974 Saab Sonett III

“Almost” a Barnfind! This is a second owner car pulled out of an Alabama storage garage, stored since 2007. The car is currently 49 years old and originally from the
State of Pennsylvania. The original mileage is shown as 55, 208 miles. This car has
spent a great part of its life in storage, with no rust in the floor pan, which is
highly unusual for Saab Sonetts.

Current Condition
The car is not running because of sitting the brake and clutch hydraulics are locked up. Parts
were almost impossible to find but because this car has become a very collectable car
many of the normal maintenance (and other pars as well) they have become much more available. Ebay and other online sellers have these parts, mostly coming from Europe. Some of the regular maintenance parts also fit other SAAB model cars.

This Sonett was driven into storage in 2007. The motor turns freely with a good, charged battery. The oil is clean, but obviously needs changed. The fuel tank needs cleaned and the carburetor needs to be rebuilt.

Paint and Interior
It wears an older repaint and some interior work was done while it was being driven in the early 2000’s. The overall quality as it is would make it a good Driver, but certainly capable of show quality with full restoration. Fiberglass is in good condition for an original fiberglass car.

Title & Paperwork
All cars pre 1972 were not titled in Alabama. All that is necessary for transfer to another owner is an Alabama Registration and Bill of Sale from current owner. This Sonett does have and comes with its books and many other manuals for the 1974 SAAB Sonett.

Contact Jim for more details. Jim@Classic-CarStore.com
Engine Type - 4 Cyl.