1956 Mercedes-Benz 300SC Sunroof Coupe

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1956 Mercedes-Benz 300SC Sunroof Coupe
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Extremely Rare 1956 Mercedes 300SC Sunroof Coupe: One of Only 98 300SC Coupes Built and One of as Few as 12 Optioned with the Rare Factory Sunroof

Of the 98 300SC coupes built, it is believed that fewer than a dozen were cars
assembled with the rare factory optional sunroof. According to Mercedes-Benz production records and a copy of the build sheet accompanying the car, chassis no. 6500070 was originally finished in graphite grey and trimmed in a special upholstery combination of grey leather seats with matching grey corduroy door panels and a grey headliner. The factory record also confirms the rare and desirable Venti steel sunroof, which smoothly retracts into the steel roofline when opened. The car was also fitted with a Becker Mexico radio, windscreen washer, and a rearview mirror.

Restoration work was performed over two periods, one in 1998, and more comprehensively in 2006. Today this wonderfully finished 300SC is an excellent example of what makes these iconic touring cars such captivating instruments of elegance. At every turn, the hand-built ambiance of these cars exudes the luxury and refinement that established Mercedes-Benz in the pantheon of excellence. This example is very likely one of very few built with a factory sunroof; a delightful feature that delivers a refreshing open air feel inside the car when all side glass is down, motoring at speed. The paint has good depth, glossy finish, and is properly detailed and polished over the expansive surfaces. There are some mild areas where the paint has succumbed to the passage of time, including minor evidence of road use and some light
sanding marks evident on close examination. Panel fit is quite exemplary on the hood, trunk, and sturdy doors. The excellent fitting body to fender bead lines, body trim, and door chrome trim are quite nice. The chrome throughout is in very good condition, with deep luster and clean, bright reflections, though some areas show light hazing and minor flaws on the bumpers and a few areas, visible only upon close examination. The upright grill is in excellent condition, with one minor blemish on the drivers side where the hood had previously slightly dimpled the inside corner of the back edge. An impressive touch on the rear bumper is the German pronouncement of the engine lurking under the hood Einspritzmotor, subtly reminding those lurking behind of the powerful fuel-injected engines that commanded both Nurburgring and the Autobahn. All lenses, lighting, and glass are in excellent condition including the windshield. The steel wheels are covered with beautifully polished stainless wheel covers, with domed hubcaps painted to match the elegant black exterior. The interior is a handsome example of Mercedes-Benz quality showing refined leather finishes with just a hint of relaxed use, inviting comfort and ease when driving. The combined black leather and soft gray materials create a subdued presence inside, softening the typically stark and somber all black interior often found in cars of this scale. The factory Becker Mexico radio remains installed in the dash, nestled beneath the stately clock, flanked by instrumentation and expansive burled wood finishes. The dashboard is exceptionally nice with very clean gauges, high gloss lacquered wood, and a commanding steering wheel. The trunk is outfitted with original matching custom leather luggage, still retaining the factory finishes and hardware, now showing a delightful patina emblematic of stately travels. The engine compartment is in very good condition overall and properly presented with correct parts, correct intake system, fuel-injection, proper factory components, with attention to hard lines, hoses, and electrical allowing for some modern updates. The matching numbers engine and generally correct engine compartment are quite tidy and properly finished; a difficult if not nearly impossible challenge given the rarity and precision quality of these mechanical parts, many of which are shared with the iconic 300SL Gullwing.

The car starts easily and idles smoothly, though regular use has been limited in recent years.
Having been thoughtfully enjoyed and serviced throughout ownership, only minimal miles
have accumulated at various points during the past decade. Once warmed up and underway,
the driving experience is both stately and composed, offering tremendous prestige when
casually motoring, while making even a modest run for groceries an event of kings. The ride engineering, braking, and responsive suspension contribute to a luxury driving experience of
opulence and grace. With plenty of luggage space for touring and an open sunroof design,
one is easily lured off the main highway into sunsets and winery vistas, capturing days of
luxury motoring when arrivals were predicated on delight and delays merely inspired
engaging dinner conversation.

Inspection of the underside reveals a car that has been serviced and cared for properly. Having traveled only moderate miles since installation, the stainless steel exhaust retains a fresh finish. The floor pan, trunk floor, and undercarriage are both solid and straight, showing no evidence of structural compromise, merely typical road use. The car is offered with previous service and ownership documentation, (one record dating back to 1977), a copy of the factory build sheet, factory fitted original luggage, and an original 300SC instruction manual.

This is a wonderful opportunity to acquire an enjoyable Mercedes-Benz 300SC with both a
sporting nature and stately manner. Powered by the same engine in the iconic 300SL
Gullwing, the mechanical majesty is only surpassed by the timeless hand-crafted opulence.
One of likely fewer than a dozen factory optioned sunroof cars, this 300SC is ready for
pleasant drives, touring, or showing in any Mercedes-Benz event, while transforming even the
most average journey into a memorable and captivating motoring experience.
Chassis. no. 188.014.6500070
Eng. no. 199.980.6500068
Black with Black Leather Interior

  • One of only 98 300 Sc coupes built
  • One of as few as 12 optioned with the rare steel sunroof
  • Features a very rare and unusual Venti sunroof
  • 42 years of fastidious care and minimal use
  • Retains its original matching-numbers body and engine
  • Restored by a former factory mechanic and marque specialist
  • Recent brake and fuel system service by Mercedes-Benz Classic Center
  • Accompanied by luggage and owners manual
  • Documented with factory build sheet

Price: $495,000
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