Hello Mr. Lowrey:  I wanted to tell you the ’77 Corvette made it home safely.  I know you were a little concerned about driving it this far, but I had no problems at all.  It turned heads all the way home.  My buddies are “jealous”.  Thank you again for being honest about the car and I know I will enjoy it for a long time.  RT, MS


Jim, it was nice working with you.  I am not sure if I will do anything to the car (1970 GTO), but it really is a lot better car than I thought originally because the price was so good.  I am glad I came to look at it and have my mechanic check it out.  I will keep up with your cars because I still want to add to my collection as I can.  Thank you again.  AB, AL

Ann from Cincinnati says:

I worked with Jim to buy a Porsche 911 Cabriolet; I’d been looking for a Cabriolet in great condition for about a year and contacted Jim. Working with him via text, email and phone was simple and streamlined plus he’s a very interesting guy who is genuinely passionate about cars and about a straight forward sales process. I’d never purchased a car sight-unseen from an out of state seller — so I had some reservations, however Jim said all the right things, produced all the right support and responded quickly. The entire process took less time than I originally thought it might and the car exceeded my expectations. Thank you again, Ann (Cincinnati, Ohio) 

Craig from San Diego says:

I would not have been able to sell my 1963 Split Window Corvette for anything close to its sale price without Jim's assistance. He is professional, hard-working, and his expertise was invaluable. I recommend him highly to anyone trying to sell a classic vehicle! (Craig, San Diego, CA) 


1923 Buick Series 23-54 Sport Roadster

Gullwing Motor Cars
24-30 46th street Astoria
Astoria, NY 11103
United States

1923 Buick Series 23-54 Sport Roadster
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1923 Buick Series 23-54 Sport Roadster

This rare and highly collectible 1923 Buick Series 23-54 Sport Roadster is just out of an estate where it has been in garage storage for the last few years. Red with black interior. Not currently running but the motor turns freely. Wearing an older restoration. An extremely straight, honest, and solid car that would benefit from mechanical servicing at this time. Among the gems of the roaring twenties was the 1923 Buick Series 23, a testament to Buick's commitment to luxury and performance. This car emerged during a time when automotive design was as much about artistry as it was about engineering. A notable moment in the vehicle's history is its role in solidifying Buick's reputation for producing upmarket vehicles. The 1923 Buick Series 23 boasted an exterior that exuded elegance and sophistication. Its long, sweeping fenders and imposing grille were hallmarks of a design philosophy that valued grandeur. Inside, passengers were treated to high-quality materials that included plush seating and polished wood accents, reflecting the opulence of the era. The 1923 Buick Series 23 set itself apart with its overhead valve six-cylinder enginea significant advancement over the flathead engines common at the time. The Series 23 helped cement Buick's reputation as a manufacturer of reliable, high-performance vehicles, influencing generations of automotive design. The 1923 Buick Series 23 is more than just an automobile; it's a piece of history that captures the spirit of an age where innovation met luxury on four wheels. This sought-after Buick is not to be overlooked.

Price: $17,500
Peter Kumar
24-30 46th street Astoria
Astoria NY 11103
United States
Gullwing Motor Cars Peter Kumar
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