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Happy Client...

I worked with Jim to buy a Porsche 911 Cabriolet; I’d been looking for a Cabriolet in great condition for about a year and contacted Jim.  Working with him via text, email and phone was simple and streamlined plus he’s a very interesting guy who is genuinely passionate about cars and about a straight forward sales process. 

I’d never purchased a car sight-unseen from an out of state seller — so I had some reservations, however Jim said all the right things, produced all the right support and responded quickly.  The entire process took less time than I originally thought it might and the car exceeded my expectations. 

Thank you again, Ann (Cincinnati, Ohio) March 13, 2018

Family Inherits World-Record Classic Car Collection

Jamie Colby

You won't believe what some people inherit! In one of its ground-breaking news reality shows from Fox Business News, they are bringing you some of the most interesting artifacts and outrageous stories that are all part of someone's "Strange Inheritance!" The LeMay family in Tacoma, Washington received over 3000 cars when Mr. Harold LeMay died in 2000.  A personal side note, I received my AAG Appraisal Certification spending a number of classroom and hands-on days and hours at the famous "Old" LeMay Museum (still open).  You must see the "second" LeMay museum as well.  The new Ultra Modern Museum, LeMay America's Car Museum downtown Tacoma. You will need more than a few hours to see this enormous & fabulous collection located in Tacoma, Washington. 

 Enjoy the short 5-minute video clip. http://video.foxbusiness.com/v//?#sp=show-clips 
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