Hey Jim, I got the ’70 SS 454 yesterday.  It made the trip on the transporter just perfect.  It has been raining so I haven’t been able to get it out to drive yet, but hopefully tomorrow.  It is a beautiful car and some of my neighbors and friends can’t quit talking about it.  Thanks for your hospitality when I flew down to look at the car.  I am glad it was like you said and I think we both ended up pleased.  I definitely will refer you if any of my friends are looking for a classic car.  Thanks again.  JS, MA

1965 Ford Cobra

Just Toys Classic Cars
2000 Principal Row
Orlando, FL 32837
United States

1965 Ford
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There is nothing like the power to weight ration of a 1965 cobra. Just Toys Classic Cars is very proud to present this beautiful 1965 Ford Superformance Cobra. This black beauty is beyond nice, it is absolutely stunning. With its deep black paint, black interior and no stripe, this car just looks damn intimidating. This car was build back in 2000 and has had less than 1000 miles a year put on it since. This sweatheart of a ride also comes with the convertible top and the side curtain option. This way, there is never an excuse not to drive your cobra around. This black beauty is one bad driving machine that needs to be in your garage today. As you see in the interior, the best of everything was used. All the gauges look right and tight, the shifter is correct and the driver seat is adjustable so wheather you are 5'4 or 6'4 you can drive this car and have the time of your life. These interiors are very simple yet very refined. Everything you need to see is right in front of you. No fancy heads up displays here just good old fashioned driving by the seat of your pants. Speaking of the seat of your pants, get ready to have it planted in the seat as you fire up this 351 windsor that has been stroked out to a 418 and is putting out about 500 HP at the flywheel. Now with approx a 20% driveline loss that is approx 400 HP to the rear tires of something that has no weight to it at all. The power to weight ratio in these cars is just sick. All of that power goes througha Tremec 3550 5 speed transmission and exits out of an independent rear end with 3.73 gears. This way you get all of that extra punch out of the whole but can cruise in 5th gear on the highway and not totally suck gas through a straw. This car also has tubular control arms and adjustable coilover shocks at all 4 corners. This way, the car just sticks to thr ground whether you are letting it eat in a straight line or you decide to lay it out in a turn. This car handles like it is on rail
Just Toys Classic Cars
J.R. Smith
2000 Principal Row
Orlando FL 32837
United States
Just Toys Classic Cars J.R. Smith
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